Truth,Dare & Flirt Cards for couples/friends
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Truth,Dare & Flirt Cards for couples/friends

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Product Description

Take a break from your phones and TV and have some old fashioned fun with this game of questions.

Choose the level of closeness in your game by picking Talk ,Flirt and Dare. 

With fifty truths,fifty challenging dares and fifty naughty flirts this game is perfect for couples looking for delectable after-dinner fun!

No Complicated Rules- Pick a card & answer the question or complete the dare with your partner or friends

Who is it for -For couples and group of people

Talk - To promote conversation & connection.Fun to play with friends.

Dare - DARE game is for those who want action and consists of fun, flirty dares also. Play this game alone with your lover or at a party with your close friends and family.

Flirt - Meant for couple. FLIRT game promotes flirting and closeness. Pick a card, answer the question and take turns revealing your secrets. Play this game with your lover on a date night!

We believe that now more than ever, in a time of digital devices taking over our lives, we need to spend quality time offline and communicate in person, face to face, heart to heart. That's why we love bringing you good, old-fashioned fun with our initiatives.


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