Special Moments- ( Romantic Card game for Couples )
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Special Moments- ( Romantic Card game for Couples )

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Product Description

Special Moments is the perfect romantic gift, especially for newlyweds and couples looking to bring a new spark to their relationship. 

    • Couples who make time for each other,stay happy together-It’s important that your relationship is both mental and physical and one definitely leads to the other. Nothing could be special than showing your partner how much you care about him/her and you can do that just by asking a question and listening to the answer
    • Strong relationship - Think you know your significant other well enough? Find out who your partner really is with this game & discover a side that you never knew existed (You will like what you find)
    • 80 Special Moments Cards - New fresh conversation starters that’ll bring sparkle between the couples in a cute and fun way
    • Perfect Gift - Great for a Valentine's Day Gift, Birthday Gift, Anniversaries, Bridal Wedding Gifts etc.

About the Game:

In relationships, when you are newly married or you spend time with each other, sometimes you feel that you run out of ideas to enjoy. You have kids, and then you stop having time for yourself.

You need to make time for yourselves and rebuild what you know is so important to keep your relationship fresh, fun and yes, sometimes exciting!

This fun and exciting game was created so that you can enjoy each other.

The questions here are intended to open up your hearts and minds and to really hear what your partner is telling you.

There are no hard and fast rules except that you have to listen and try really hard not to judge.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a while or you’ve just met, after all, the discussion is yours and you will take away from it whatever you want.

Just relax and enjoy the journey.

Play it wherever you like, at home, in the car on long journeys, at dinner in a restaurant or on the beach while on vacation.

This game will help you keep learning about each other forever and your relationship will stay as fresh as the day you first met.

Although it makes a great present especially for anniversaries and birthdays, you don’t need a special reason to buy this game. PLACE IN YOUR CART NOW and get back in the groove today!

SPECIAL MOMENTS is a series of thought provoking games developed by people just like you, for you and your loved ones.


Put away the cell phones, iPads and video games and get back to real life with your partner.

The perfect way to get to know someone in a new relationship or to reconnect with your long-term love.

Listen and learn, share and enjoy!


Regardless of how long you’ve been together, there’s always something new to learn.

People change throughout their lives - their opinions change and their ideals change. If you want your relationship to remain fresh and relevant you must keep up with what your partner believes and feels.

There is nothing more loving or sexier for that matter than having someone listen to you.

This game helps you to begin conversations that otherwise you may never have.

Special Moments Couples helps you to create an open atmosphere and leave the door open for communication at all times, not just when you are playing.


What better way to get to know someone new and their inner thoughts than simply by asking?

But humans are complicated creatures and sometimes we’re just too embarrassed or unsure of ourselves...

By playing this game, all embarrassment is taken away from you. You don’t have to ask, we do it for you!

By sharing you become closer.

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY to any permanent relationship.

Enjoy this time as if you are alone on a desert island!

Other than that, there are no rules and no wrong answers.


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